July 28, 2008 -- First Test Of The GregTrain
The first job is to mount the 18 hp motor to my frame and then couple the 10kw alternator.
The electric motor is a rated 4500 RPM - 10A - 130 VDC - 2.5 HP
This is the actual frame I plan on using for my first actual "on rail" tests.
I plan on using approximately 15:1 reduction which should give me about 
5 mph with 5" wheels.

It is my intention to use two drive motors.  One for each set of either 4 or 6 wheels.
2.5 HP DC Motor
Operates at 4000 RPM from 100 VAC
Bridge Rectifier Is All That Is Needed
Brand New and I already broke
one of the volt meters on the main 
Here is the main frame and the
test setup.  
That's a Chain Coupler wrapped in
orange gaffers tape.  The coupling throws
a bit of oil without the tape.

Next comes trucks and a drive system